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 I am addicted to free samples. 

It started out innocently enough — I’d see a link here or there on personal finance and debt reduction websites, click, and a few weeks later a sample of some new product would arrive in my mailbox. Score!

Now, I refresh the Absurdly Cool Freebie Finder at least 5 times a day to see what’s been added.  The Freebie Finder does all the hard work for me — it filters out most scams and referral pyramids and aggregates freebie offers from the top freebie sites. I don’t think a day has gone by in the last month that I haven’t found a sample that I want to try.  

My faves are laundry products, personal grooming (shampoo, toothpaste, skin care, etc.) and cat food, actually.  I only request samples for things I will actually use. Toiletries go in a bin in the bathroom that I raid for travel or my gym bag — no need to buy new travel sized items! And running a load or two of laundry with “free” detergent can’t be beat.

While the savings to my household budget may not be huge — the pennies add up.

But honestly, I get a big kick out of coming home to sample boxes in my mail. Buying a lot of products (books, movies, gadgets, etc.) used to fulfill that same need — but now I get it met with freebies!


Monday Wrap-up will be a bit delayed today but in the meantime, check out The Great American Book Giveaway. There are 5 featured books a week and they give out hundreds of them!

Giveaway Project is a great site to check daily for updates on giveaways and freebies around the blogoshpere. No strings attached — just helpful posts summarizing what’s out there for easy entry (often just a comment on a blog).

Right now, you can enter to win a $25 Amazon gift card by simply posting a comment.

There are several links to some great freebie sites on the blog roll to the right — check them out on a daily basis.

Once in a while I may highlight some of what I think are really good freebie deals. This is one.

Try out a 1lb. bag of  Wellness dry cat food.

I won Becoming and Staying Debt Free’s first book giveaway! What a great way to start the week — thanks so much!

Stay tuned for a review once I have a chance to read it.

Also, there will be two more giveaways so get your comments posted.

Book Giveaway

There are still a few days left to drop a comment over at Becoming and Staying Debt Free and enter the Prince of Thrift’s drawing for a copy of Good Debt, Bad Debt.

This is the first of three weeks of giveaways, happening every Monday.

I’m entered — I’m hoping to add to my personal finance library and plan to share my reviews of various books over time on this blog. I’m open to any recommendations, so please let me know if there are any books you recommend!

Showtime is currently streaming the first two episodes of the new show about Henry VIII and his world, The Tudors, absolutely free.

Two hours of free entertainment for me this weekend. The show should look pretty sweet on my new 19″ Widescreen LCD monitor, too.  My old monitor died recently and I got a great deal at — $149 with free shipping, after $30 rebate, which I just dutifully sent off. 

I spend a ton of time on the pc in my home office and this was a splurge I felt good about making.

Also, I can’t recommend Newegg enough when it comes to affordable PC components. I built my last computer entirely with parts from Newegg. Delivery is usually super fast and their prices very competitive. Living in a smaller city, I don’t have the access to electronics stores that I used to in Los Angeles, so Newegg is a godsend at times.