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I’ve been a little lax posting links to recent Carnivals of Debt Reduction so here ya’ go!

 (I may repost about Carnival #80 later, but right now the host,, is down.) 

Money Walks is hosting #81. Highlights include articles on wasting money when you think you are saving it, the 5 syptoms of debt overload, and drastic ideas for debt reduction.


Mapgirl’s Fiscal Challenge is the host of the 68th Festival of Frugality and my blog post on Tips for a Great Yard Sale was featured in the carnival!

Some of the other frugal highlights:

Debt Hater is hosting the 67th Festival of Frugality this week.  Check it out for a series of great tips on eating cheaper, smarter shopping, and getting lots of cheap and free items.

Ask Mr Credit Card’s Blog hosts this week’s 79th Carnival of Debt Reduction. Time to enroll in a few courses at Debt Reduction University!

Debt Hater is the host of the 78th Carnival of Debt Reduction.

Check the Carnival out for many great posts from personal finance bloggers thinking about their Priorities:

What’s important to you? What can you live without? How far are you willing to go to pay down the debt…is it worth the sacrifice?

I’ll be putting some attention to that myself over the coming weeks.