Hump Day

Things are busy, busy this week.

  1. Big changes at work. My manager is moving on to a new position and a new GM is coming in. I work very closely with this person so it will definitely be a transition. The good news is my role has expanded in the last few months making my job a much more secure and important one. (Also, rumors are in the air that some bonuses are coming due — cross your fingers for me!)
  2. Big changes at home. A few weeks ago, my sister, her fiance and my toddler niece moved into my house with me. It’s temporary, but will likely last several months. The good about this has been the help from the fiance around the house and with the yard work especially. Also, my food budget has dropped as they are contributing to the pantry/fridge and we are sharing meals. Starting next month, they will be paying a portion of the utilities, too. Cha ching!
  3. Household projects. With more people in the house I’ve been finally getting to some organizational projects. Shelves are going up on some walls and my home office is getting a makeover. The big deal will be the purchase of a desk I’ve had my eye on:

I’m glad I waited a few weeks to purchase it (with a gift card I’ve been holding for this purpose) — last week I picked up a coupon at Office Depot good this week for $20 off any purchase over $75. This desk will be a nice addition to the home office — and since I do actually have a small side business, the receipt will be filed away in the 2007 taxes file — giving me a place where I actually want to do my personal financial work.


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