Frugal Vegetarian Meals and a Contest to Enter

I was a vegetarian for two years in college — but like other vegetarians I’ve met the smell of frying bacon pulled me back to the dark side. However, I still find a diet with less of a focus on high-fat meat and more of a focus on beans, veggies, and healthy grains to be very satisfying.

PiggyBank Raid’s contest this month ($20 prize!) seeking frugal, primarily vegetarian recipes has inspired me to pull out some of those fave recipes or even to try some new ones to submit to the site by June 30.

I’ve got a two and a half weeks to cook up a few tasty dishes — focusing on quickness and ease of preparation, frugality, and health all at once — and the ones I submit I’ll also post here as a part of my Cheap Eats series, with price breakdowns.

Already on hand in my pantry are some bags of beans I’ve been considering doing something with this weekend. And I also had been planning to hit the farmers’ market this Saturday, so the timing couldn’t have been better.


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