Get Your Book Swap On

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been fulfilling my need to come home to goodies in my mailbox with free samples. I’ve also been busy swapping books with other members of Paperback Book Swap.

I can’t say enough good things about how cool this is (and note: despite the name members swap hardcovers and audio books, too).  Signing up is easy to do:

  1. Post all of the books you are willing to swap — you get 3 credits just for listing your first 9 books.
  2. Each book you then request “costs” you 1 credit.
  3. You also recieve credits each time you successfully fill someone else’s request.
  4. Each member pays the shipping and packages the book up (they provide a nice wrapper to print out for use with the address information included) — which is usually only $2.13 media mail.

I’m loving it. I picked up a set of $1 stamps and have some random denominations I use to stamp the packages I’m sending. If the book is under a pound, you don’t even have to go to the post office — you can just leave it for your letter carrier.

Since I purged most of my book collection when I moved to Arkansas from California a year and a half ago, my listings are light but as I’m an avid reader and plan to keep using the swap to both get and receive books. 

These are the kind of reasons I love the internet.


  1. Thanks for the tip! I’m an avid reader and hadn’t heard of this site. Last night I listed 9 paperbacks and I now have 3 book credits. Very fun and all free!!

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