I’m Back!

First of all — apologies to my 1 or 2 regular readers (ha!) who I’m sure have all but abandoned this blog. I don’t blame ya’. I mean — where the hell have I been? Here’s the scoop — I spent two weeks in April in California helping with a sick family member. I literally flew out in one day and headed straight to the hospital.

Things are all well now, thankfully, but with my lacking emergency fund and resources, I did find I had to charge some of these things. I’m glad I was able to be there for my family and that is the most important thing, but I admit to some depression after the fact for sliding further down the debt wormhole.

It’s taken me over a month to face that I need to deal with my financial life. Bills have been getting paid, but I haven’t brought any focus to my money. No question — I’ve been overspending.  But I’m getting myself back on track. Here’s a few things I’m doing this week:  

  • Blogging again!
  • Tallying up the debt totals and refocusing on the goal, no matter what the number
  • Organizing my home office — I know I use clutter to hide and not deal with what is in front of me
  • Making money!  I’ll be serving beer Friday and Saturday night at a local hog rally and hope to bring in at least $200 in cash to give myself a boost.

It feels good to be back.


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