Monday Wrap-up and Goals for the Week

Last week was interesting. In a very short time, my life at work has changed — I’ve become much busier and engaged in our business. Exciting, but tiring, too.

As far as my personal goals here is what I accomplished:

  • Complete calls to credit card companies — Ok, I only made one but was successful in lowering that APR to 14.99. Big difference. I have a few more calls to make this week.
  • Download statements and begin to work with Microsoft Money – I tried it out, and honestly, I realized that I didn’t want to spend that much time with this program. Instead, I began a simple Excel spreadsheet to let me track income and my expenses for the month. I put down a sample budget that I’m sure I’ll be editing over the next few months as I used it more. I’m happy to now have a framework and April will be the first month I’ve ever budgeted, well, anything on paper.
  • Finish taxes — Done! More on what I’ll be doing with my return later in the week.

Some other things that happened this week as far as how I spent money. A couple of days last week I had to work through lunch. I live very close to work so I almost always come home to eat. Instead I ate at Quiznos. Not terrible on the finances, but I was unprepared.

Also, I finally returned about $100 worth of clothes I didn’t like or didn’t fit to Old Navy. These were charged on my Amex over a month ago. I picked up 2 polo shirts and some socks and still had about a $77 credit to the account — yay debt reduction!

Goals for this week:

  • Yard Sale — Begin purging closets and drawers for things to sell at my upcoming yard sale on March 31.
  • Income tax return — make a plan for that money, likely to include a few household purchases and seeding of my emergency fund.
  • Budget — continue to refine.

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