She Works Hard for the Money…

Whew! It’s been a crazy few days at work.

My employer is a well known corporation, but where I work, we are a bit of a maverick operation in business processes.  I’m responsible for a small administration team as well as executive assistant duties for the general manager.

Profits are way down. Revenue is stagnant but costs keep rising.

Things are tough and we are being challenged to dig deep quickly to trim the fat. Cut spending and get more efficient.

Sound familiar?

It’s a busy but exciting time. Some hard decisions are ahead but I’m thrilled to be taken seriously and to be a part of the team looking at how to streamline many of our critical services.

The energy I’m feeling taking on these challenges is the same energy I’m feeling taking on my personal challenges with my finances. Feeling empowered, but also a little scared.

Am I biting off more than I can chew? Isn’t it easier to just not try that hard and get by ok?

How long can I sustain this level of energy? Does it get easier or harder as time goes on?


  1. D

    It gets easier with time. Or maybe you lose your mind and forget that you are maxed out?

    What I would suggest is finding 20 minutes a day, where there are no phones and no work and escape. I like to read. Anothers life makes me forget my own.

    Rejuvenating will get you back in the game stronger.

  2. debtfreeforlife

    Thanks! That’s exactly what hasn’t been happening for me the last few weeks.

    I’m taking some time this weekend — doing yoga at my gym, seeing The Last Mimzy at a matinee with my wonderful little niece, and probably some hiking on Sunday. This spring weather is too good to miss!

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