Monday Wrap-Up and Goals for the Week

I promised last week I would report back on my results to get my credit card APR’s lowered. However, I was tied up most of the weekend and not really free to make long calls — which I didn’t know they would be until I tried one. After speaking to a customer service rep at Capital One who then promised to transfer me to an “account manager”, I was on hold for 10 minutes and hung up because I had to get off the phone.

But I’m nothing if not persistent and will get these calls done this week.

However, I did accomplish a few things:

  • I filed or shredded about a year’s worth of statements, records, bills and reciepts for larger items. I can see my desktop!
  • I found my copy of Microsoft Money 2006 (for small business and personal finances) buried under the piles and installed it
  • I talked to family members about my new “cash-only” life — to let them know that I won’t be going out to eat as much, I won’t be spending as much, and I’ll be working more on my side business on the weekend than before
  • I also calculated the last 9 months of utility bills to start seeing what I pay in energy costs throughout the year — part of getting ready to budget
  • Spent very little going out on St. Patrick’s Day! About $10 on drinks. Flasks are a wonderful, wonderful thing!
  • Cut some coupons and had a very “smart” trip to the grocery store last night — preplanned several crockpot meals that should get me through until next pay period

Goals for this week:

  • Complete calls to credit card companies
  • Download statements and begin to work with Microsoft Money — time to see where the money has been going before I start thinking about budgeting
  • Finish taxes

Here’s to a great week!


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