Fuel Costs On the Rise — Short Term?

MSNBC reported a few days ago that the gas spike we have seen in the last few weeks — up 20 cents in some areas — may be short-lived. But with summer coming, they are likely to rise again.

As I was considering my need to begin looking hard at my budget, fuel is an item I don’t give much thought to. Filling my tank today however — which ran me about $34 — I started to consider it more.

I’m fortunate to live literally less than 3 miles from my job and a tank of gas can last me weeks if I don’t drive the hour to Little Rock too often.

But summer *is* coming and as a part of watching our $$, my brother, sister-in-law and I have been considering some vacations we can take camping. There are so many places we want to explore in Arkansas. Camping was also our main vacations as kids. When a family is on a tight budget, you can’t get much cheaper than a few days camping under the stars.

Gasbuddy.com is a resource to help the frugal out there find the cheapest gas prices in their locations across the U.S.

The station I went to today is on the list in my neighborhood — but even cheaper than that is Kroger, by at least 3 cents, using points earned with their loyalty card. I do my primary grocery shopping there and need to add fuel-ups as well to the shopping list.


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