Expenses I’ve Recently Cut

Let’s start the morning off on a positive note.

Over the last two months I’ve made several cuts to some of my household and entertainment expenses, freeing up about $ towards debt reduction and savings.

<clap clap clap>

Here they are:

  • Gym Membership — I quite my expensive gym ($58/month) and joined a gym offering a good deal to families through my dad’s employer ($12/month). My old gym was definitely the cream of the crop and I miss the amenities. The new gym is much smaller, but they are under new ownership, remodeling, offering more classes…and I just can’t beat the savings. Total savings: $46/month
  • Phone and Satellite Services — I stripped all of my extra features from my home phone service, including call waiting and caller ID. Since I make most of my long distance calls from my cell, I also changed my long distance plan to lower the base monthly fee. Also, I got rid of my HD package with Dish and took myself down to the most basic satellite package (though I will admit I will likely add HBO back when The Sopranos comes back to finish its run!). Total savings: $50/month
  • Cancelled Netflix — Yes, I love Netflix. But I wasn’t watching the movies. Those red envelopes would sit for weeks near my dvd player taunting me. I plan to use the library for movie rentals on weekends when I’m jonesing for some couch potato time. Total savings: $15/month.

From those actions alone I’m saving $111 per month on what I was spending the last year. Freeing that up to put towards debt reduction and savings feels great.

Lifehack.org has a few more suggestions on cutting expenses. Making your own coffee at home and using the library are ones I’ve been incorporating for a while. And I definitely plan on incorporating some of J.D.’s tips on how to eat vegetarian on the cheap once our farmer’s market opens up in April.


  1. D

    Wow, those are some big cuts. Hopefully, you can apply those saved dollars to your debt. I’m going to watch and make sure, so do your best. LOL.

  2. debtfreeforlife

    Thanks! That’s exactly why I’m doing this blog — both a place to organize my thoughts and keep myself accountable.

    I’m sure there is a lot more fat that I’m going to discover, too.

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