One Blog That Helped Get Me Motivated To Pay Off My Own Debt … and Write About It

Over the last few months, I’ve spent a portion of each day reading blogs about personal — with an emphasis on the personal aspect. Blogs about being frugal and becoming a smarter consumer, blogs about how to save money, and most recently blogs about paying down personal debt.

Tricia, in Blogging Away Debt, is the first I’ve come across (though looking at her blogroll I have many more to discover soon) to lay out her debt, income, struggles and successes. A few days ago she wrote about what is keeping her motivated to pay off her debt — and for her it came back to her family. She also goes on to say that writing her blog keeps her focused daily on reducing her spending and paying off debt.

I hope this blog will do the same for me.

In days to come, I will post exactly how much credit card debt I’m facing (on top of some “good” debt like my mortgage), what I’ve done in the last couple of months to reduce some expenses, how I’m going about getting extra income, and share a few insights I’ve gleaned from others lately.

But now it’s time to drink some of my coffee — brewed at home so I don’t spend $$ stopping to get some on the way to work — and start the day.


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