And The Verdict Is…March 2007 Debt and Savings Totals


Calculations are in.

I’m just going to post the numbers and hit the sack. It is what it is.

Credit card debt: $18,375* (this number is current for March 1, before payments I’m making this month)

Savings: $46 (this number is current as of today)

I’ll post a bit tomorrow about how I got into this much (pretty typical, most likely), about some of the things I’ve done to reduce my expenses in the last two months, and set some goals.

*note: this does not include my student loans, credit union car loan, small credit union personal loan, or mortgage — all which have halfway decent interest rates. So I don’t curl up in the fetal position and sob — I’m only focusing on the credit card debt, now, while continuing to budget and pay down these debts as well.


  1. db

    Hi Laurie!

    When I first got started with my debt blitzkrieg 2 1/2 years ago, I only focused on my credit card and car debt too. I totally didn’t worry about the student loan, I just kept paying on it.

    Just to give you encouragement, it really will work! I know $18K+ sounds scary but you can really pay this down. As time goes on, you’ll also start to be ready to include those other things in your list.

    Lets make war on debt together!

  2. debtfreeforlife

    Thanks sooo much for the encouragement.

    I definitely agree you have to take it in chunks that you can handle. I suspect, in reading your “about” page, we have a lot in common regarding age and life, how we got into the debt we have, etc.

    I’m absolutely willing to make war on this debt with others! That’s exactly why this blog was started and has become important to me. I look forward to more battles with you in the future! =)

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