Let’s get this party started!

Hello, blogger land!

Here’s to my first post of many as I launch into the world of managing my debt and exposing what I’m doing (good and bad) to live a frugal life and accomplish this goal.

Over the course of this week — I plan to enumerate just how much “bad” and “good” debt I am facing, talk a bit about steps I’ve recently taken to cut expenses and grow my income, and begin to flesh this site out.

Thanks for joining me on this journey towards a debt free life!


  1. fey

    OH MY GOD! how could you be so SELFISH and NOT TELL ME that you were starting this WONDERFULL SUPPORT GROUP!!!! >:P

    just teasing. but i do think its a great idea. yes i have a big problem too. thats why i am reading Suze Ormon’s ‘Women and Money’.

    now i just need to get over this Delta American Express Card collecting miles crap thing that is not turning out like I had planned cuz i have terrible self control and my husband is even worse 😦

    well if you find any sites on compulsive spending please post cuz i will certainly read

  2. debtfreeforlife

    Well, I will admit like many things in my life, I started in on a whim — but one that had been brewing in the back of my mind for a while.

    I’m glad you are here 🙂 . Also, feel free to share the link to the blog with others. I’m not ashamed of this — though I still haven’t put up the scary credit card number yet! That’s coming tonight!

    Compulsive spending…interesting. I’ll keep my eye out for any such sites or posts.

    Also, I put the Suze Orman book on request at my library this morning — I’m third in the queue. I’ve got a few things bookmarked in the meantime and will probably blog a bit this weekend on her, the book, and that link you sent me this morning.

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